Life through movement

Meet the team

Larize Blaauw

1) Qualification:
Hon Biokinetics NWU – Potchefstroom 2012

2) Favourite quote: “Choose Health – always!”

3) Why did you get into your profession:
I have a passion for people and health – and as the Biokinetics meaning states “Life through Movement” we as Biokineticist can guide and assist people from all spheres of life to a healthier individual by the means of a specific exercise- or movement prescription. It doesn’t matter if you are an avid sports person or someone who are mostly desk-bound – a big contribution to our quality of life will be determine on how well we move.

James Gallagher

1) Qualification:
Ukzn – BSc Hon Biokinetics 2015, internship under Jimmy Wright

2) Favourite quote: “keep it real”

3) Why did you get into your profession?
I always wanted to work in the sport/exercise field and help people. I am an avid sports fan, with a keen interest in injuries. Through my work as a biokinetics, I can integrate all of my interests and apply it to help people achieve their goals.

Saeedah Moola

1) Qualification:
BSc Sport Science ( UKZN)
Bsc ( hons) Biokinetics ( UKZN)

2) Favourite quote: ” success is not about perfection it is about progress”

3) Why did you get into your profession?
The main reason why my profession is my passion is it amalgamates my love for sport and for helping people.
Being at the sharks allows me to focus on the the general population population fit, rehabilitation of injuries and improvement of sports performance. I love that I can see a range of patients from children to the elderly as well as Atheletes.
Having studied biokinetics and fitness being an important part of my life, I get to live and share my love of a healthy lifestyle with others as well as improving their movement and quality of life.

Claire Van Zyl

1) Qualification:
BSc Sport Science ( SU)
Bsc ( hons) Biokinetics ( SU) 2019 (Cum Laude)
Certified Level 1 + 2 STOTT Pilates Instructor

2) Favourite quote: ” Be the sunshine on a rainy day”

3) Why did you get into your profession?
To put it simply, my passion is ‘the human body’ which encompasses an individual, as a person, and how they function. Second to this, exercise and movement in general has been a fundamental part of my life. I feel it a privilege to combine this and work with people to overcome hurdles, achieve their goals and meet their personal needs (all ending with a mandatory high-5).